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I have 20 years of teaching experience, and standing in front of a group and sharing information is a passion. In the last decade of giving Feng Shui workshops, I have honed my practice to be able to articulate the bottom-line central tenets of the ancient practice in clear, easy-to-understand language. “I finally get it” is something I have heard from many workshop participants over the years.Some of the introductory workshops that I offer are:

“Finding The Flow” – This engaging interactive workshop explores the relationship between physical environments and their inhabitants by exploring the principles of energy flow throughout physical space. A sumptuous blend of quantum physics, philosophy, Chinese Five Element Theory, and interior design, this workshop will shift the way that you view physical environments and how you fit in with the outer world.

“What You See Is What You Get” – We are constantly bombarded by images and our brain is subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) programmed by what we see – this is the operating principle behind advertising. An advertisement that you see for a matter of seconds impact your thoughts and associations – that’s why companies spend so much money on advertising – so then what is the impact of the images and objects that surround you for weeks, months, and years? This workshop will help you to start decoding how to understand and consciously choose things to surround yourself with that support your desired state of being and thought process.

“Vision Boarding” – A vision board is a collage of images that reflect the mood and material goods that you are looking to bring into your life. Applying Feng Shui principles to your vision board gives an extra level of potency as you are arranging your vision in alignment with universal patterns of balance. Vision boarding workshops are a fun and interactive way to bring consciousness to your deeper goals and to help yourself create a new relationship with them.

And in a similar vein, something a client of mine calls ‘Face Shui’:

“Face Talk” – Your face is a map of your brain, a circuitboard that reveals your ‘operating system’ – your instinctive individuality. While these facial proportions reveal inherent response patterns, we can learn through our life experience to act against our own nature to suit others’ preferences. Regaining an understanding of our hardwired programming can pave the way to reconnecting with our natural way of expressing self in the world.

This system helps one understand not only one’s own instinctive responses but also relationship dynamics. This system is thoroughly non-judgmental – none of the behaviours this system looks at are ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but rather are neutral behaviours that can be applied any way the individual chooses.

This workshop presents five different traits easily visible in the face that reveal specific ways of looking at the world and interacting with others. These are traits that influence every relationship, particularly introductions and working processes, and are therefore of great value in both personal and professional relationships. For the last decade that I have been teaching this material, participants consistently comment on how familiar the patterns are and express relief at being able to understand and work with dynamics that could previously viewed as frustrating.


I can deliver a short Feng Shui-themed presentation that connects to all kinds of topics. My practical approach, humourous connections, and engaging delivery can bring a unique synthesis of levity and useful insights. Contact me to discuss how I can design a presentation that will work for your team.

Workshop pictures

Pictures of various workshops presented throughout Canada

Workshops in Japan

Pictures of various workshops presented in Japan over the last several years


A wonderful balance of information and participation. Excellent use of colour, verbal, and aural teaching techniques. I have a great number of ideas to add to my toolbox and apply at work and at home.


Excellent introductory session. Good real-life testimonials and analogies. Great teaching skills – easy to understand. 


An excellent introduction covering the basic and practical applications of Feng Shui. I liked the structured approach at the beginning with plenty of opportunity to ask questions at the end. You are a lively teacher who makes the subject enjoyable, useful, and worthy of further study. I look forward to the results. Thank you!


I appreciated your approach to include & make time for questions, and create interaction without it being/becoming overbearing or threatening.


I enjoyed it from the moment I walked through the door. Understandable, comprehensible, and practical, Mark’s holistic understanding of the subject reflected the universe in which it operates.


Much more practical and useful than other methods I’ve read about. Well presented!


Very very exciting! Many, many thanks! You are an inspirational speaker and very easy to follow.


Your approach is practical and refreshing. No confusion about what the process is.


Organized, practical, clear, thorough delivery. Questions & concerns encouraged and addressed with enthusiasm. I thirst for more.


Great! You used clear language, great analogies, and brought enthusiasm to a fascinating and relevant topic. Thank you!


Very informative and inspiring. Lots of practical insights. Enjoyed the interactive exercises in the workshop, as well as the clarity and flow of the visual presentation. Feng Shui demystified! Thank you for exceeding my expectations!


I enjoyed the two workshops very much and learned a lot. I thank you so much for your words of wisdom, professional demeanour, expertise, and positive yet gentle demeanour. 


While there are specific guidelines, the teaching are not of hard and fast rules – there is room for personal creativity. This is so inspiring and I am excited to start to create ‘little altars everywhere’. Mark, thank you for ease in accessing what I always thought was something beyond my grasp.


I’m really keen to get started after hearing your workshop. I can imagine creating a really functional home that brings me prosperity, love, and comfort. Great intuitive insights. I’m sparked!


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