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Sense of Space Contemporary Feng Shui Professional Training

This 60-hour program covers a broad array of foundational concepts and practical applications required for professional facilitation as a Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant for residential clients. Through his years of experience as a consultant and as a teacher (two decades as a language teacher and a graduate of multiple teacher training programs), Mark has created an interactive program that not only teaches participants the facts they need to successfully consult but also serves to hone their observational, creative thinking, and communication skills so they can make suggestions to clients that are appropriate and integrated for each individual property.

Included in the curriculum:

  • Feng Shui History: The Different Schools
  • Energy Flow: Wind, Water, and Chi
  • Getting Out of Line: Corners and Edges
  • The Seat of Power: Supportive Room Design
  • Yin & Yang: Balancing Polarities
  • The Five Elements: Nature’s Building Blocks
  • The Bagua Map: Life Aspirations
  • Moderating Energy Flow: When Energy is Stagnant or Aggressive
  • Feng Shui Power Tools
  • Entrances, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Living Rooms, Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Closets, Home Offices, Garages, Basements, Gardens, Storage
  • Feng Shui Symptoms: Connecting ‘The Story’ with the Property
  • Communication with Clients: Sustaining Neutrality and Receptivity
  • Client Session Structuring
  • Consultation ‘Tool Kit’
  • Identifying Your Individual Consultation Style

In addition to in-class curriculum content, participants also visit design stores to observe current interior design trends and how these can either support or inhibit the application of Feng Shui, and they observe Mark in consultation with a client.

Certification requires the successful completion of various homework assignments, including Mark’s observation of each participant conducting a 2-hour consultation with a new client.

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