Bagua Map – Love & Partnership

Love & Partnership

This area relates to the expression of love and the energy of romantic relationship. The condition of this area of your home has an impact your love life, your connectivity to a primary romantic partner, and the expression of love in your life. If this zone is messy and cluttered, you might find that it is complicated to find your ideal partner or clearly express and experience love in your current relationship; if it is sterile and unused, your love life might feel barren and your love might not have an appropriate outlet. Work on this area if you are looking to

  • find a new partner
  • harmonize an existing romantic relationship
  • get married
  • express more love in your life

If you were to divide your home into nine equal sections, three from front-to-back and three from left-to-right, the zone relating to Love & Partnership would be located in the back right of your home when facing into your home from the main door. You can also locate this area in each individual room from the position of that room’s primary door.

Adding some of the following colours or decorations as accents, without going overboard, can help to enhance your experience of Love & Partnership in your life. Always choose something that matches the aesthetic and function of the space:

  • the colour pink and other shades of red
  • images or objects showing a loving couple
  • a heart object or image
  • a lush bouquet of fresh flowers
  • objects arranged in pairs
  • any symbol that inspires thoughts of love
  • matching objects

Quick fix: Tidy up, dust and clean the area, remove any objects you don’t like or that are broken, and add one item from the list above so that it catches your eye.


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