Bagua Map – Career & Life Path

Career & Life Path

This area relates to your work and life direction. The condition of this area of your home has an impact on your employment, job satisfaction, and feeling that you’re on path in your life. If this zone is messy and cluttered, you might not find work easily or you might feel overworked; if it is sterile and unused, your job might be unsatisfying and you may feel that your life lacks direction. Work on this area if you are looking to

  • find a job
  • change careers
  • improve your working conditions
  • get more clarity on your life direction

If you were to divide your home into nine equal sections, three from front-to-back and three from left-to-right, the zone relating to Career & Life Path would be located in the front centre of your home when facing into your home from the main door. You can also locate this area in each individual room from the position of that room’s primary door.

Adding some of the following colours or decorations as accents, without going overboard, can help to enhance your experience of Career & Life Path in your life. Always choose something that matches the aesthetic and function of the space:

  • blue, black, or dark tones*
  • a turtle image or object
  • images of a flowing river or the ocean (no wild, crashing waves)*
  • a mirror that reflects you fully (ie isn’t too short or narrow)
  • a fountain or aquarium*
  • an image of a meandering pathway (black and white is better)
  • a picture of you or someone else doing the work you love
  • anything related to your specific work or life path expression
  • books or quotes that speak to being on path

*Note: in entrances, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and staircases, the use of overtly watery objects and images is not recommended unless specifically placed by a trained consultant – however, aquariums (as opposed to fountains) can work well in an entry area if the space is sufficient. An overabundance of blue and dark tones in bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways is not recommended.

Quick fix: Tidy up, dust and clean the area, remove any objects you don’t like or that are broken, and add one item from the list above so that it catches your eye.


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