Bagua Map

The Bagua Map is one of the tools used in Contemporary Feng Shui to help you design your living space. Originally a compass-based representation of eight symbols from the Chinese oracle the I-Ching, it has more recently been reinterpreted to relate to how we express ourselves in different areas of our life. The organic, holistic unity of the Bagua is applied to the property as a whole, as well as to each individual room or space.

Based on the principle that everything is connected to everything else and that your home is a larger extension of your consciousness, the map is a template which is used to ‘read’ the home in order to reveal which areas are aligned and which are not. When objects, images, colours, and the overall condition of an area are incongruent with the theme of that area, residents usually experience a similar misalignment in that theme in their lives. Pictures of exes or single individuals in the area representing Love & Partnership are not congruent with that theme; broken objects or things not in use in the Career & Life Path sector speak work not functioning well; clutter and disorder in the Wealth & Blessings area may reveal disorganization surrounding financial matters.

Click on each themed area to learn more about where that zone is located in the home and what kinds of objects, colours, and artwork you can use to help harmonize that area and its related life circumstances.