Breakfast Television Vancouver with co-host Jody Vance, 2012

I made two appearances on Breakfast Television in 2012, and have been featured several times over the last few years. Their server no longer hosts the video of these two appearances and I’m trying to get a copy from another source…

Hong Kong Home Journal feature, October 2011

A feature about my approach to Feng Shui in the Hong Kong magazine Home Journal, published in October 2011. I was featured alongside Raymond Ho, who has been practicing for decades.

24 Hours, Toronto Edition, 2011

A feature about designing a child’s room to help improve their study and learning habits

Japanese Magazine Anemone feature, December 2010

A feature about my Feng Shui practice in a Japanese magazine

Hong Kong Elite Homes, 2008

I was quoted in an article about bedrooms in a 2008 issue of Hong Kong’s Elite Homes magazine, which would eventually lead to a more extensive feature in their sister magazine Hong Kong Home Journal (further down this page)

Moods Magazine, Autumn 2006

An article I wrote for the Canadian magazine Moods as a general introduction to how the home impacts one’s state of mind

Japanese Advertisements, 2005-2007

A few of the flyers for events held in Japan, prior to everything moving online

Japan Times newspaper, 2003