Mark Ainley is a Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant with a unique sensibility. His advanced training in multiple disciplines and twenty years as a teacher and workshop facilitator have given him an integrated perspective that helps him to synthesize the roots of this Taoist science-art into practical, easy-to-apply solutions for modern architectural spaces.


Mark Ainley has a unique contemporary approach to the ancient practice of Feng Shui. Having begun his introductory training in London in 1997 with more traditional applications, he updated his approach with Rhea Peake’s professional training in Vancouver in 2001 (she had graduated from The Western School of Feng Shui) and soon became his mentor’s protege. Since beginning annual consulting and teaching trips to Japan in 2003, he coined the term Contemporary Feng Shui as he realized that he was not practicing Feng Shui in either a Western or Eastern way but rather as a contemporary expression of the root of the practice’s teachings.

In Mark’s consulting, common-sense groundedness and integrative perspective are fused with Feng Shui principles to keep functionality at the foreground. His creative and subtle approach enables him to make suggestions that incorporate energetic balance, aesthetic alignment, and practicality in a way that resonates with the client’s individual style. His ease in working with both a big-picture overview and the most precise details of a space enables him to help his clients optimize their home and professional properties.

Mark has worked with a varied client base across the globe. He has designed shops in Japan and an office in Qatar, worked with interior designers with the high-end properties Silicon Valley CEOs, and consulted in person and via Skype for both laypeople and businesspeople across North America, throughout Europe, in Australia, Bali, and all over Japan, where he regularly leads sold-out seminars for 100+ participants in addition to training professional consultants. He was featured alongside the legendary traditional consultant Raymond Lo in the high-end Hong Kong magazine Home, as well as in Hong Kong Elite Homes magazine. Mark has made several television appearances in Canada, in addition to international radio appearances: he was featured on the London-based Monocle 24 Radio’s program The Urbanist in 2015 to discuss modern architecture as it relates to Feng Shui theories. The first volume of a set of instructional DVDs was released in Japan in early 2016.

Mark is currently writing a book that will explore the foundational principles of Feng Shui that relate to its etymology: how the concept of ‘Wind and Water’ applies to the ancient practice and its present-day application, a topic not developed in the myriad books on the subject. Far more than a ‘how to get what you want’ decorating book, this will be an exploration of how our consciousness is subtly and overtly informed by our environment and how artificial structures and modern design trends have shifted society’s thought process from one aligned with natural integration to one that is antagonistic and self-serving.

In addition to Mark’s Contemporary Feng Shui practice, he is recognized as a leading authority on historical classical piano recordings: he has lectured at universities and written articles in prestigious international music magazines and CD booklets. He also trained in the practical application of neuroplasticity research for stress management and educational contexts with prioneering researchers Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside, and he is a leading proponent of the use of Structure-Function facial analysis, an approach scientifically validated by Whiteside’s parents in the 1950s.



I highly recommend Mark. He is exceptionally talented, observant, and perceptive. I would not hesitate for a moment to send clients his way, and I hope to do so more in the future.

-Colin Kingsmill, Orascom Hotels & Development, Montenegro

Mark helped me cut through the mental clutter that was preventing me from growing my business and being more balanced in my life. By making a few small changes to my house and office I was able to see my business in a new light and I met with 2 potential new clients within two weeks. WIthin a month I received a financial windfall from an unexpected opportunity to rent my house for a movie. We moved out pretty much everything for the shoot but left the new jade plant in the money area that Mark had suggested. Of all the changes we discussed, new wooden hangers in all the closets have had a surprisingly big impact. Every morning when I get up I see an orderly array of clothes and instantly feel more professional. Looking forward to seeing what transpires next in my ongoing work with Mark!

-Andrew Barker, AJ Barker Design

Mark’s feng shui tips make sense from a practical and psychological point of view. After implementing them I have dramatically improved my office workspace and enjoy working at my desk.

-J. Amy Newman, Vancouver

Dear Mark, My husband had been very sick with ulcerated colitis & I had read a few Feng Shui books & made a few changes & things seemed to get better for a while. Then my Man ended up getting Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer – Aggressive B type – and our world became a series of chemo treatments. Then he was air-vacced to Vancouver for emergency radiation. While receiving his radiation treatment, Brian was infected with Staphylococcus aureus & he ended up in a life & death situation with one foot in heaven’s door & spent 7 weeks in hospital fighting for his life. After four months in Vancouver we came home to try to re-build Brian’s health. We took all of the necessary health steps we knew to help with his healing, and then we took it one step further and called you, Mark, for a home consultation. When you came to our home to do our consultation, you listened to what our needs were, and then you went to work making the necessary suggestions that would help our family in our quest for better health & Chi movement in our home. Your suggestions were everything from changing the paint colors in a couple of rooms & some of the accessories, to simply moving some pictures to different walls & changing the placement of some of our outside fixtures. After our home consultation with you, we made all of the suggested changes, including the paint colors, & it is with great joy that I write this letter many months later to say that there is genuinely more health & a greater overall peace & calmness in our home. Brian is doing absolutely awesome at this time & it is with a deep understanding as we have grown older that there will always be some things in our life that we cannot fix, change, or correct; however, for everything else there is Feng Shui. Mark, we will always be forever grateful to you for your part in our peaceful healing time. Feng Shui has been a wonderful adventure that should be part of everyone’s journey through life & we thank you once again for helping us find the answers in our search for health & calmness. We truly hope that our paths will cross again someday & we wish you peace & happiness always. Yours truly,

-Polly St Germain, Prince George, BC

Mark’s Feng Shui for the home was an amazing transformation for all areas of my life! He recreated my home into something that I loved to spend time in each and every day. Some of the changes that he made were simple yet profound. Other improvements, helped create a better balance in my life, helped me to break free of barriers in my career, physical fitness and overall happiness. He suggested cost effective additions while retaining my sense of personal style to create the most productive, flowing and warm space that I still receive compliments about!

-Ryan Lacey, Results Training and Conditioning, Vancouver

Mark has been a contract instructor at Rhodes Wellness College for over 4 years teaching our students Feng Shui and Face Talk. Thanks to Mark’s natural gift of connection, empathy, and compassion, our students walk away with confidence and always wanting more from this talented facilitator. He is one of our favourites! He will always be welcome to teach at Rhodes College.  Thank you, Mark!

-Lisa Brown, Rhodes Wellness College

Mark has feng shui’d both my design studio and home office. Mark has an instinctual insight like none other. By applying Mark’s strategic and mathematically instinctive advice I have made changes to both my home and studio that have increased my annual revenue, provided me with much needed and timely extra and efficient help, and even flowered up my love life. I highly recommend that you hire Mark Ainley for his Feng Shui services and sign up for his Face Talk workshop right away.

-Margherita Porra, Arithmetic Creative inc, Vancouver

When I met Mark Ainley, I was struck by his fusion approach of the traditional art of Feng Shui, with a modern fresh feel. I knew this would be a good fit for myself and my clinic – blending an age-old medicine (Chinese Medicine) with modern times. Mark took the time to not only evaluate my entire space, but also address specific questions and concerns I had, while also incorporating personal preferences and goals. With his guidance and suggestions, I was able to transform my clinic into more than I could have imagined. I consistently to this day, receive several compliments about my clinic space. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the work that Mark has done for my clinic. Mark is an expert at his art. His is able to bring complex concepts into a simple and easy-to understand approach. His ideas are fresh, he draws from a variety of sources and has great depth of knowledge. If you have ever contemplated arranging your personal or work space for better balance and productivity, whether it is placement, colours, shapes, etc., I recommend hiring the expertise, suggestions and fresh approach of Mark Ainley.

-Sonia Tan, Red Tree Wellness, Vancouver

After several attempts at working with the concepts of Feng Shui on my own (and getting nowhere) I decided to call Mark and ask him if he would come and guide me through my apartment, giving me ideas and suggestions to making changes that would support who I am and the direction I was looking at creating for myself in my life. I have to admit that although I was open to this I was a little nervous about having someone come into my home and guide me as to what I needed to do. As soon as Mark arrived I found that my nervousness was quick to leave. His excitement, enthusiasm, insight, and knowledge not only put me at ease but also really motivated me to be able to work with the changes and to want to. Any areas that I was a little skeptical of changing were given understanding – he allowed for me to be with where I was and what I was comfortable with making changes to. I found that this allowed for me to be a part of the process and for me to work at my own speed. With each change we made I could feel the energy starting to shift and in a matter of the couple of hours Mark worked with me I was aware of the difference in flow through out the apartment. Within a couple of days I was experiencing the ripples throughout my life – I had a job offer in the field of work I was working with creating for myself and I had started to touch the possiblity of a relationship with someone who I have since married, not to mention the over all energizing and flow of abundance that started to increase in my life. Of course it was no time at all before I made the other changes in the space that Mark had talked to me about. His ownership and certainty of Feng Shui played a huge role in me being able to give this to myself. I am very grateful to him and to what these changes supported me in bringing to my life.

-KAW, Salt Lake City, Utah

Mark, Thank you – I have used your Feng Shui suggestions in my home. My son let me change his room as well – “the Feng Shui Way”- this was my chant while he raised objections now and then. The results have been incredible! The changes we have noticed: Sleeping better; Improved Communication in all relationships; Business volume increase; Peaceful and calm house… we noticed this immediately, from the 1st night to within 4 days after as I write this. Blessings-xoxox

-JF, North Vancouver