Cost of Living

Feb 05, 2018 Uncategorized

Advertisers spent $5 million per 30-second commercial slot during the 2018 Super Bowl: that’s over $166,000 a second. They spent a total of half a BILLION dollars throughout the whole game. They do this because they have the capacity to reach many more viewers at this time – and by “reach”, I mean access their brains through their eyes to impact their thoughts.

If finance-focused corporations are willing to spend so much per second, what is the value of what you look at for days, weeks, months, and years? They would not be spending the money unless advertising worked – and advertising is based on the principle that seeing things together helps form ideas. Similarly, your surroundings are also advertising a certain mindset to you – don’t sell yourself short! Be sure to recognize the cost in mindset and life experience that the things you look at have on you.

Feng Shui principles teach you to read your environment and understand the belief systems it reveals so you can upgrade your space and consciousness with mindful adjustments. You are not just receptive to symbolism, associations, colours, images, and so on when something is on television: your brain is constantly bringing in and interpreting information beyond just the conscious level.

Every single female client I’ve worked with who was actively looking for a partner had artwork of single women throughout her home. This is but one example of how ‘what you see’ on a regular basis can be ‘what you get’ in life experience, in the same way that ‘what you think’ habitually becomes ‘what you get’.

In business settings, the same is applicable. I once consulted with a financial investment firm whose lobby was decorated with posters stuck in the wall with push-pins. I pointed out that dollar-store push-pins did not communicate financial stability and commitment to the same extent that thick, solid frames made of wood or metal would.

Choose what you love … and also be aware that the image or object might be communicating more than just what your conscious apprehension is. You can use this website – and my consultations – as a resource for learning more about the impact of certain colours, images, and objects on your mindset.

Select mindfully – you are worth it!


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