Wide Horizons

Jul 07, 2017 General, Layout, Lifestyle, Mindset

Although they serve an important purpose, the walls and ceilings that shape our homes can feel limiting to our boundless consciousness. Blank walls feel like an artist’s canvas on which the first stroke has not yet been made, and can subconsciously feel like a block – our eyes then naturally go elsewhere, usually down, which is certainly a less uplifting (in every sense of the word) way to focus our attention.

Images of natural settings and meandering paths help us connect to the innate sense of possibility and expansiveness that exists in the natural world. Placing images such as this one – where there is depth, openness, and a natural sense of growth – in a narrow entryway, hallway, or other constricted area of the home can help us sense a possibility of moving beyond limitations. The great blue sky, lush green fields, and inviting curved paths all stimulate moving beyond our current circumstances in a natural way.

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