Pillow Talk

Although I took this photo at a shop in Japan, it is not just in that more traditional country where gender roles are still often colour-coded: Western countries still market an abundance of cool colours to men. Every shop I go into, I’m greeted by an array of cool, bland, hard colours that do nothing to inspire warmth, intimacy, and connection.

If the colours of the room set the thermostat to ‘cool’, how hard to you end up having to work to heat things up? And if the tones are blue or grey, how easily does your mindset follow suit? Blue bedding in particular can lead to any number of challenges, from moodiness to fuzzy emotional boundaries, while blue towels in bathrooms can strengthen the downward energy flow already present in these spaces beyond comfortable levels.

Both of these spaces benefit from neutral to warm colours, which create a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere (and in the bedroom, warmer relationships). It doesn’t mean you have to go full-out pink or red – balance is key. But warming things up in these spaces – where we will spend time in various states of undress – can go a long way towards raising one’s mood and inclinations for connection.

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