Advertising Reality

Airtime for Super Bowl advertising in 2017 has been estimated at between $5 and $5.5 million for a 30-second spot – which means companies will pay up to $183,333 a second for access to your brain through your eyes (plus the actual production costs of the commercials themselves). Why are they willing to pay so much? Because what people look at influences how they think – and advertisements are crafted to create associate desired states of being with a product in order to increase sales.

If what you see in a commercial for seconds is so valuable, then what about the things you’re looking at for weeks, months, and years in your home and work environments? Your brain isn’t only receptive to programming from television or print advertising: you are always being imprinted by what is around you, very often subconsciously (especially when looking at things for an extended period of time). What you see forms your thinking, and not necessarily in the ways you anticipate.

Contemporary Feng Shui offers insight into the silent conversation you engage in with your environment. Choose images and objects that you not only love but that also inspire the state of being and the self you aspire to experience. Vibrant plants, beautiful art, favourite objects, varied colours and materials, and inspiring displays help you cultivate a whole-hearted expression of your deepest self in the world.

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