Standing Out

Jul 21, 2016 Fame & Reputation

The colour red symbolizes fire, which illuminates – like when you’re in the spotlight. This colour catches our attention and makes our heart beat a little bit faster. Used well in the right place, it can help attract attention.

The back centre of your home relates to Fame and Reputation – just plain being respected. Imagine where the sun would be on the horizon when standing in your main door looking into your home. Red flowers, artwork, cushions, throws, and objects will stand out and catch your attention – just like you want to catch others’ attention.

Without the red art or throw in this living room, it was drab and washed out. No wonder the person living there was struggling to get an interview for a job: like the sofa in front of that wall, he just blended in with other applicants and didn’t stand out. As soon as we brightened it up, he was called in for multiple interviews and within two weeks had to choose between two jobs (he opted for the highest-paying one he’d had to date).

Don’t go overboard with red, however, or your home might end up looking like a Chinese restaurant. Start with one object or image and slowly build until things click into place.

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