Here’s Lookin’ At You, Kid!

How do you see yourself? The mirrors in your home reveal a lot about your self-image. If you can’t see yourself fully and in relation to your surroundings, you could be having trouble seeing yourself fully and fitting in. If the mirror is placed too low, you could be putting yourself down: the slouching posture you need to adopt to see yourself hardly speaks of confidence. If it is too narrow, you might be concerned about fitting in (all of my clients with eating disorders have had extremely narrow mirrors).

Tiny decorative mirrors that reflect less than your face and torso can lead to disconnective, reductionist thinking and over-analysis – I suggest using them horizontally as trays instead. More than one mirror on a wall can lead to second-guessing (why do you need to take a second look?), while mirrors on more than one wall in a room can lead to disorientation and confusion.

Your mirrors should be large enough to include your head and torso. Place them high enough to reflect everyone living in the home (or those you would like to have in your home, if you’re looking for a taller partner…). Have them be wide enough so you can see yourself fitting in with your surroundings. Keep the surfaces clean, so you see yourself clearly. Reflect your true brilliant self fully and with clarity!

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