Feeling Blue

Jul 14, 2016 Love & Partnership

Things frosty in your relationship? Need to heat things up in the bedroom? Cool blues set the thermostat so low that it takes a lot of energy to heat things up in the bedroom. While the odd blue object or shade in artwork is absolutely fine, you should avoid blue walls, sheets, and curtains in a bedroom if you want to avoid feeling blue yourself.

Elizabeth Taylor famously battled depression and had challenging romantic relationships. The frosty tones of her bedroom certainly didn’t help matters. The room, as seen in Architectural Digest, is a Feng Shui nightmare, with a colour palette extending from a painting of a wintery scene she had painted at the age of 16, which ends up setting the emotional tone of the room. The pictures of her parents by the bed don’t help much either.

If you want to heat things up in the bedroom, ditch cool watery colours for warmer hues. You want something that will accent your skin tone and get your heart beating a little more quickly.

Image from Architectural Digest

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