All the Single Ladies…

Jul 14, 2016 Love & Partnership

What you see, you become. All of my single female clients who were looking for a partner have had images of single women all over their living space – anywhere from as few as one image (but a big one) to 30 or 40 in a small apartment! While there might be admirable qualities in these women – strong, independant, fashionable – seeing those qualities in a *single* woman without any signs of coupling reinforces the belief that a woman cannot have those characteristics while in a relationship. I have had clients describe those images as ‘goddesses’ – but they were never shown with ‘gods’, nor were there any male mortals worthy of them to be found.

Of course one can have a level of certainty, presence, style, and elegance while also being in a relationship – but it is important to have that demonstrated throughout the space. Images of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, or other iconic females only serves to anchor the mindset of a hard-to get beautiful woman.

Artwork that shows happy, loving couples is important if you are looking to attract a partner. If you don’t like such artwork, even images of two flowers, two trees, or two animals together can help prepare your consciousness for the act of partnering.

You might like the images of these single women and find them attractive – but if you don’t enjoy the consequences of being single, then you need to reconsider whether you really do like them.

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